Business Women Networking Ltd is an independent business development and networking organisation, founded by Hajiya Sa’adatu Abdullahi, M.Sc. FCMI. UK; with willingness to go extra miles for its customers.

BWNL develops, empowers and connects businesses with modern and global vision. It is a reference point for business women and companies who are gender friendly to work together in diversity and inclusion. It runs series of workshop, seminars and exhibitions.

 Our strategy is designed to listen and reflect to the desires of the modern business woman and to the businesses of the future. Our programs provide a platform and an environment aimed to help individuals and organisations to move forward, realise their potential and focus on each business genuine contribution.

BWNL encourages individuals to stretch their comfort zones- to explore, listen, interact, focus, to discover and most importantly to be curious. Real business comes to life when people follow their intuition and knowledge, as a tool and skills.

BWNL works with men and women from diverse background and have on its data base experience personnel such as:- Marketers, Managers, Secretaries, accountants, Auditors, Printers, Bankers, shippers, and many other profession specialists.

 With our combined experience we know how to keep your business operations running smoothly be it private or office management, procurement projects, construction, agriculture or not-for-profit programs. With these we shall provide our clients with effective platform to achieve their business goals, when you "think it", "we create it".

Our mission:

To provide committed services with the goal of producing the most effective skills that makes your business “our business” develop and empower our clients by providing the opportunity to develop their business ideas, learn new ideas and inspire others to do business with us.

Our vision:To be the most exceptional platform for Business Networking that develops, motivates and impacts the right framework to create modern businesses, and an organisation that serves as a bridge builder and a source of pride for its clients


At Business Women Networking Ltd; we pride ourselves on being committed to supporting integrity, honesty, openness, personal excellence, constructive self-criticism and mutual respect.

We are:
Known for our creative approach to management challenges
Able to provide cost competitive services and options.
Always in regular contact with our client base to ensure needs are met.
Experienced working with clients in diverse organization to solve their business challenges.

No matter whom you are or the type of business you do, we will always aim to deliver complete customer satisfaction.

Our team includes business managers, purchasing specialists, training and logistics personnel – all of whom work hard for clients across all section of businesses. By using us as your managers, you will not only reduce your workload, but transactions. You can also be confident that your project will be timely and to budget. We care about every contract, regardless of size, and are always ready to provide help and advice.

“We are Business Women Networking Ltd. “Think it", "we create it."

 We view effective services and execution of projects as a sports team, to that end; we work shoulder to shoulder with our clients towards the simple goal of service delivery we get deeply involved with our clients and strategic partners.

Our staffs are one of our greatest assets and we welcome high caliber of people wishing to join this successful team.

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Business Women

Networking Ltd

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