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​​Business Women Networking Limited specializes in cost-effective project of all industrial services from large capital project to everyday’s need. Our service model means we can provide the right services, at the right prices, when you need it.

Our services includes:               
Business  Management

​We takes control of our client’s business meeting from start to finish providing a professional touch that will satisfy you for successful outcome.

  • Our Business Development package is second to none; your business is our business.

  • Business Packaging is completely the ultimate, we create, nurture and make it big
  • Project & Proposal Writing – We are out to help all the way, our team of professional writers will create a winning proposal, write for your projects and contracts, carry out market research, feasibility studies, sales and marketing, brand development and imaging, winning are surely your way.
  • Staffing & Training – From customer services, secretariat services, marketing and leafleting our coaches are experts and will make a tremendous difference.
  • Marketing –Business Women Networking Ltd will carry out your sales and marketing, create and host your advertising messages. It is our duty to make your business a success, give us your business marketing activities and we shall deliver a successful result.
  • Outsourcing – There is nothing small or too large for us to outsource for our clients, both from within and outside the country we will find it and deliver to you. “item or human capital”​
  • Staff Employment & Placement - For your office or business staffs, we supply qualified staffs on loan, part time, or outright employment



Perhaps you are looking for help with your finances, starting or expanding your business, thinking about your dream car or family holiday abroad, newlywed honeymoon, children’s school fees, or even thinking about owning your own house, but where do you start? Whatever is your life stage, you may be interested to know that regular savings is an important financial strategy. How much should you put away for each item and what is your prioritize savings goals?

We have you in mind and have designed a contribution scheme to help you with your financial needs, that’s why we have created a product called, ''PRIORITIZING SAVINGS SCHEME''

This contribution program is designed for persons interested in saving for rainy days including business men and women, civil servants, graduates etc.                                                For more details.

Training and Development 

Business Women Networking Ltd is consistent on its resolve to conducting research that are relevant to improving the lots of business owners through our support by providing the following trainings:-  

Develop your thought.
See your business grow, building trust using new business model.
Networking opportunities for finance and mutual benefit.
Mentoring the way forward.
arketing skills, staff moral and well being to achieve productivity.


Starting a business – The needful
Come together for mutual benefit, get more for less.
                                          You “think it “we create it”   

Business Women Networking Forum is tailored for passionate women leaders running SME businesses and corporate executives who want to take the bull by its horn to improve their organization for positive result and personal leadership capability. The forum is geared to hold time to time and is designed to inspire personal leadership and business transformation through networking with peer group and to be our sister’s keepers.
Attending will provide you the opportunity to be part of a great business family that gives you a more mindful approach to networking and opportunities with Purpose and Pleasure, through our landmark Mentors and Speakers. Participants will gain how to embody their feminine values, discover their authenticity and embrace global business challenges.

This is organized for able dynamic business women for the opportunity to temporarily make you, withdraw and take time away from your ordinary life and hectic life situation from daily living in order to nourish your inner life and mind. This will provide a modern answer to modern business life. It is a special time to give you some peace and calm.

Events Management


Our exhibition is a place to be, exhibit your products & Services usually organised in a park or halls. You will meet buyers and sellers under one roof, make connection and get help with your business plans, you will also network with investors and get partners.


Organised in an ambient environment where we come out with our family to sell, buy, eat, relax and make friends.


 We create the environment at car parks to assemble and meet buyers and sellers from the car boots.


Whatever your events are, wedding, naming, birthdays, end of year party inauguration, unveiling, fundraising or just a merry making, Business Women Networking Ltd is exclusive and your partner in need.

 NB: All our events provides you with the opportunity for Empowerment and Networking.

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